Environmentalism and personal Economics can go hand-in-hand. I’m here to show you how being green can put more green in your wallet.

Cheap Trick #1

Don’t use chemicals when you clean. Water and vinegar work just as well as any bleach or chemical compound out there, cost only pennies and protect our water systems from pollutants. Today I was about to mop my kitchen floor, and had the idea to try cleaning with this miracle solution. I use vinegar and water to wash my fruits and veggies, and figured, if it’s effective enough to use on my food, it’s effective enough to use on my floor. One cup of vinegar for one gallon of water is all you need!

Cheap Trick #2

This Cheap Trick is simple. Instead of renting movies, books and DVDs, take them out at the library. It’ll improve your knowledge and increase your spending power.  Most libraries have an excellent selection of media items, and you can test drive them before deciding to purchase. The money you save can be put towards living a greener life–it can make the difference between being able to afford organic vs. genetically modified foods or increase the funds you are able to donate to the cause of your choice.  Think of a library card as a savings plan!

Be Cleaner, Greener and Richer with Cheap Trick Tina™! Stay tuned for more Cheap Tricks turned by Tina!


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