Trick or Treat for Unicef

October 19, 2009

This Halloween, don’t just go from door to door with your kids asking for candy. You can take this opportunity to teach your kids about philanthropy. On a day that is typically just about getting, you can be a person who chooses to give. Trick or Treat for Unicef. You can sign up your school, a neighbourhood group, your church or even your family. This web-site has everything you need to get started and track your progress. Help kids in Malawi Rwanda attend school. Education is a right. Join the fight.


Long Time No Post

December 16, 2008

The Christmas time is here again, and against all current grains I will be using my rip saw a different way and not talking about Christmas today.

Today I will be talking about apathy.  Its a hard word to admit to, but as there has been no post for many moons its a word I dwell in.  I am sad to say that because of current hardships in my life that part of my brain that cares for others and the environment shut down.

What shame I have!

My hope is that this is not permanent.  But as I go through this stage of ‘apathy’ it does not mean that I should not care or do the things I once felt passion for, it only means that it will be harder and who knows maybe when my passion returns I will look back on when I had a hard time caring but still put in effort and it will add to my already bloated sense of do-goodery.

So Do Some Green!  Do Some Good, and most things are bigger than feelings.

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Canada Federal Election

October 7, 2008

Sometimes wading through the political jargon of different parties and trying to sew together a coherent picture of what a future would look like with each one can make even the most conscientious of us want to hide under the covers and skip election day altogether. Voting is a valued right and privilege, but aside from that, it’s also a responsibility. It is so vital that those of us who live in this country make the effort to elect leaders who will shape this country into something we can be proud of, and take care of the issues that matter most. We’re attempting to take some of the guesswork out of it for you, so that when election day rolls around you’re armed with the knowledge you need to change your country. VOTE on October 14! Add something to the world. . . provides this information in a strictly educational capacity. The views of these parties aren’t necessarily our own. We aim to provide information on Canada’s political parties so that voters can make an informed decision. In the name of objectivity, all information on this page is quoted directly from the web-sites of the parties—some have been adapted for length. Any additional information can be found at the web-sites provided. We attempted to give equal coverage to all parties, but some had more information than others, which is why our coverage may seem uneven. Please email us your questions or comments about the parties/issues below, or leave a comment on our blog.

Party Information

Canada Federal Election

October 2, 2008

Canada is having a Federal Election this month and wants to know what you think.  Have your voice be heard.

Hello world, indeed! We are in the process of starting up a web-based not-for-profit, at! Our web-site is still under construction, with plans to launch Earth Day 2010! We have tons of ideas for how ordinary people can make an extraordinary impact and ‘add something to the world’.

We will have much, much more to say in the days, weeks and months ahead! Stay tuned. Until then, a we leave you with a favourite video that captures exactly why we do what we do, courtesy of YouTube and the Discovery Channel. We love the world!