Long Time No Post

December 16, 2008

The Christmas time is here again, and against all current grains I will be using my rip saw a different way and not talking about Christmas today.

Today I will be talking about apathy.  Its a hard word to admit to, but as there has been no post for many moons its a word I dwell in.  I am sad to say that because of current hardships in my life that part of my brain that cares for others and the environment shut down.

What shame I have!

My hope is that this is not permanent.  But as I go through this stage of ‘apathy’ it does not mean that I should not care or do the things I once felt passion for, it only means that it will be harder and who knows maybe when my passion returns I will look back on when I had a hard time caring but still put in effort and it will add to my already bloated sense of do-goodery.

So Do Some Green!  Do Some Good, and most things are bigger than feelings.


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