How To: Lessen the sting of poverty, in yourself and others.

October 15, 2008

 Today is blog action day, and this year’s topic is Poverty. We are invited to interpret this subject in any way we see fit, and has decided to separate our entry into 3 sections. Here goes:

How-to Reduce the Sting of Poverty for Others:

5) Finance a micro-loan for entreprenuers in third world nations. This will make an enormous difference in communities overseas, and loans can for as little as $25. Links to micro-loan organizations:, and

 4) Volunteer your time at a soup kitchen, food or clothing drive.

3) Sponsor a child. This could provide food, clothing, educational costs and medication for children in other countries who need it. Links to organizations that take care of the needs of children in developing nations include:,, and .

2) Sign a petition to increase low-income housing in your community, hot lunch programs in public schools, and increased funding for Not-for-profits that help get the homeless off the streets.

1) Carry granola bars, food gift certificates, hats, gloves, scarves and/or juice boxes and distribute those instead when asked for change on the streets.

How-to Keep More Cash in Your Pockets in Light of Harsh Economic Times:

5) Consult a financial planner

4) Shop around. Never take the first quote for what you want–there is almost always a better deal out there. Research prices online to save gas, then make your purchase while you are already out doing other errands to cut back on green house emissions and gas money.

3) Eat at home instead of getting fast-food. It’s healthier and you will save money. Strapped for time? Prepare meals ahead of time, freeze them, and then heat them up when its time to chow down. Bring bag lunches to work instead of paying for food at the cafeteria or nearby restaurants, and store in a reusable lunch bag in order to reduce waste and save dough.

2) Buying a home? Get a fixed rate mortgage. In times of economic uncertainty, it is best to be able to budget for what you will need rather than take a gamble.

1) Use your credit card only when absolutely necessary–ie, when ordering online or in an emergency. As a general rule, if you don’t have the money in the bank, then you can’t afford what you’re buying.

Increase Your Awareness: Media that Deals with Poverty

5) Book: Our Day to End Poverty: 24 Ways You Can Make a Difference, by Shannon Daley-Harris and Karen Speerstra. Self-explanitory. To order, click here.

4) Movie: Waging a Living (2005). Directed by: Edward Rosenstein and Roger Weisberg. Covers the plight of America’s working poor and the struggles they face. To order, click here.

3) Book: The No-Nonsense Guide to World Poverty, by Jeremy Seabrook. (2007). Challenges thinking on poverty, and the idea that the solution to poverty is wealth, rather than sufficiency and security.

2) Music: The Care for Haiti Music Project. This collaboration brings together artists from around the globe performing world music. The project’s founder is Wyclef Jean, and all sale proceeds go towards the eradication of AIDS, poverty and Illiteracy in the Haitian community. Participating artists include, but are not limited to: Akon, Mary J. Blige, Bono, Natasha Beddingfield, Willy Nelson, Sinead O’Connor, The Black-Eyed Peas and Santana. To pre-order your copy, click here.

1) Sign up for a newsletter keeping you informed of local poverty issues in your area. Click below:

 Ontario, Canada

Alberta, Canada

British Columbia, Canada

Saskatchewan, Canada

Manitoba, Canada

Quebec, Canada

Maritimes, Canada

Yukon Territories, Canada 

NorthWest Territories, Canada

United States of America


One Response to “How To: Lessen the sting of poverty, in yourself and others.”

  1. this is an excellent, action focussed contribution to Blog Action Day!

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