Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

October 12, 2008

We wanted to kick off this year’s holiday season by saying Happy Thanksgiving Canada! The holidays, especially, are a time to give back. Here are a few tips to do some green this season:
10) Utilize public transportation. Traffic is always horrible on these special days, and you don’t want to be driving anyway. Why not hop on the Go-train or Greyhound this weekend? You’ll save on gas money and on ozone depletion. Or;
9) Carpool to family get-togethers. Increase that holiday feeling and earn your spot in the carpool lane.
8 ) Cook with organic ingredients. Support the anti-pesticide market and keep your family healthy. If you’ve never had free-range turkey, now’s the time to try it.
7) Purchase your pumpkin pie at a local fruit stand or farmers market to stimulate your local economy.
6) Wash your Thanksgiving China with enviro-friendly dish soap available at http://PristinePlanet.com
5)Compost your leftover brussel sprouts and give your garden some extra nutrients before winter.
4)Locate a soup kitchen where you can volunteer or drop off your leftovers, or;
3)Make leftover turkey sandwhiches, take your family downtown and hand them out to those who need them.
2)Build community and offer to rake a neighbour’s lawn–or do so in secret to build good karma.
1)If you’ve been drinking, make sure you are definitely in condition to drive home at the end of the night–if not, repeat steps 1 or 2 and carpool or take public transportation.

Any ideas of how to have a greener holiday season? Leave a comment! Add something to the world–do some green!


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